Tapestry Bag: Warrior Girl


This striking bag features details from a chalk and watercolor painting "Clouds against blue sky" (digitized from a painting by the Dutch painter Abraham Teerlink, from the Rijksmuseum Rijksstudio). The front side also features a 19th century sketch of a winged warrior girl (possibly Iris the messenger of the gods) by Elisabeth Kemper. Modern Handmade. Shop Tapestry bags here.

Tapestry bags: finishing touches

image from http://guerrillanoises.blogs.com/.a/6a00d834523edf69e201bb0953d568970d-pi

I've been enjoying designing these "portable pocket" tapestry bags. Most have two pieces of art from the Rijksmuseum Rijksstudio along with graphic elements that I add -- lines, dots, hash marks. Once the "suede" fabric (actually a sueded polyester cloth that has a lovely nap and sheen) is printed, I cut, sew, and put the finishing touches on them.

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