Tapestry Bag: Warrior Girl


This striking bag features details from a chalk and watercolor painting "Clouds against blue sky" (digitized from a painting by the Dutch painter Abraham Teerlink, from the Rijksmuseum Rijksstudio). The front side also features a 19th century sketch of a winged warrior girl (possibly Iris the messenger of the gods) by Elisabeth Kemper. Modern Handmade. Shop Tapestry bags here.

Tapestry bags: finishing touches

image from http://guerrillanoises.blogs.com/.a/6a00d834523edf69e201bb0953d568970d-pi

I've been enjoying designing these "portable pocket" tapestry bags. Most have two pieces of art from the Rijksmuseum Rijksstudio along with graphic elements that I add -- lines, dots, hash marks. Once the "suede" fabric (actually a sueded polyester cloth that has a lovely nap and sheen) is printed, I cut, sew, and put the finishing touches on them.

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2017 New Jersey Full Moon Calendar: Love is Stronger


The 2017 version of the limited edition New Jersey Full Moon Calendar is here. Celebrate the beauty and bounty of the Garden State with this organic cotton knit tea towel that features a "sky selfie" (taken in August when the Black-Eyed Susans are in all their glory). It also has a snippet of lyrics from a Neil Young song... "there's a full moon rising, let's go dancing in the light" ...

Tapestry Bag: Unique, Modern, Handmade


My tapestry bags are made of a "sueded" fabric that resembles sueded leather, is durable, and can be washed. It has a soft nap and -- unlike sueded leather -- can be printed with vivid colors and images. The strap is nylon paracord -- strong and graphic. Shop Tapestry Bags here.

School of Fine Arts Tea Party, 1896


Now that's the way to drink tea.

[Detail from a photo of art students at the St Paul School of Fine Arts' summer classes, Mendota, Minn. Pictured in some or all of the collection are: Minnie K. Bailey, Zella Newcomb Bohm, Helen Brack, Ella Nabersbery Byard, Maud K. Clum, Verna Ayer Okerberg, Antoinette DeForest Parsons and Edith Kendrick Sanders.  (From the collection of the Smithsonian; see the full image here: St. Paul School of Fine Arts, Russian Tea Party, 1896)]

Streets of Philadelphia: Mosaic

image from http://guerrillanoises.blogs.com/.a/6a00d834523edf69e201b7c8422de7970b-pi

Dashed into a building's arched entry-way (Jacob Reed's Sons Store, 1424-26 Chestnut St., Philadelphia) to get out of the rain; looked up and found a wonderful series of Mercer Tile mosaics including this one of women doing needlework (the Peaceful Arts). All the mosaics depict crafts related to the garment industry.

2016 New Jersey Full Moon Calendar: Cup of Kindness


New Jersey! We're one of a kind and now we have our own calendar!

Celebrate the beauty and bounty of the “Garden State” with the 2016 "Cup of Kindness" New Jersey Full Moon Calendar that showcases the beauty and bounty of New Jersey. 

This colorful "tea towel" calendar combines the traditional Native American Indian “Full Moon” names (e.g., the Snow Moon, the Hunger Moon) with the unique attributes of New Jersey — and shows all the phases (new, waxing, full, waning) of the moon for each month. April's full moon is the “Road-Side-Market Moon” (where we love to buy our Jersey Fresh produce). August is the “Jersey Peaches Moon” (peaches have been cultivated and enjoyed here since the 1600s). December is the “Cup of Kindness Moon” pictured in the artwork (lets try and make the world a better place).

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Tapestry Wall Panel: Guitar Girl


“I may not have written the song, but I could add my story to it. Everyone out there could. That was what made music so powerful.” [Tara Kelly in Amplified]

New tapestry in the shop. The image is from a watercolor painting by Maurice Leon (Rijksmuseum, Rijksstudio). Shop Tapestry Wall Panels here.

Artful Knapsack: wear the sky on your back

IMG_0542This knapsack features a pen and chalk drawing of a cortile (an enclosed area, typically roofless and arcaded, within or attached to a building) and has this quote printed inside: “There is nowhere to go but everywhere, to just keep on rolling under the stars.” (Jack Kerouac)

Artful Knapsacks are functional and beautiful; made from durable, heavyweight polyester canvas (45% recycled content). Washable (hang to dry).

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Tapestry Panel: Earth below, Sky above


A set of two tapestry panels made from digital engravings from the Rijksmuseum Rijksstudio. The woman looks down at the earth, her arms raised in praise or wonder. The man steps out from his study and casts his eyes to the sky, raising his arms and hands, again, in praise or wonder.

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Rijksmuseum Rijksstudio: connect in your own personal way

BK-2011-1Two men and a woman (the personification of Geometry) measuring a large globe that shows the “New World” (Rijksmuseum Rijksstudio collection; based on a lost painting by Frans Floris and digitized from stained glass)

An interesting interview with Martijn Pronk, head of Publications at the Rijksmuseum by We Are Museums:

"When creating your own work using Rijksmuseum images you connect with the collection in your own personal way.  ... the internet has made it possible for everybody to enjoy the Rijksmuseum, even if they will never visit it in real life."

I used this image on one of my Artful Knapsacks: