Thrive, a Modern Prayer Flag
Liberty & Prosperity, a Modern Prayer Flag

Kindness, a Modern Prayer Flag


Kindness. The quality of being considerate and humane. It may be a little thing, but doesn’t it just make the world and our daily lives so much better? How good does it make you feel when someone does you a small kindness? And when you can return a kindness?

This flag features a quote that Anna Laetitia Barbauld wrote in 1811: “That humble current of little kindnesses, which, though but a creeping streamlet, incessantly flows; although it glides in silent secrecy within the domestic walls, and along the walks of private life, and makes neither appearance nor noise in the world; pours, in the end, a more copious tribute into the store of human human comfort and felicity, than any sudden and transient flood of detached bounty, however ample, that may rush into it with a mighty sound.”

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