The Peaceful Arts: Reading
Artful Knapsack: Bohemé

Artful Knapsack: Of Birdsongs...

Functional & beautiful Knapsack made from durable, heavyweight polyester canvas featuring woodcut of birds on one side and an ornamental tree on the other.

“There is only one way to translate a bird-song. … Study it thoroughly in all its moods, habits, occupations, emotions, reveries; at morning, at noon, at evening, at midnight. Find out patiently from all its songs, what each one means and take that one which will stand inclusively for it salient thought-traits. This will give you the key to the translation of such traits into words. Words are only thoughts putting on their clothes.” (Bird-songs Translated Into Words by Samuel Miller Hageman, 1887)

Shop Artful Knapsacks here.


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