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Tapestry Wall Panel: Fantastical Illustration

2016 New Jersey Full Moon Calendar: Cup of Kindness


New Jersey! We're one of a kind and now we have our own calendar!

Celebrate the beauty and bounty of the “Garden State” with the 2016 "Cup of Kindness" New Jersey Full Moon Calendar that showcases the beauty and bounty of New Jersey. 

This colorful "tea towel" calendar combines the traditional Native American Indian “Full Moon” names (e.g., the Snow Moon, the Hunger Moon) with the unique attributes of New Jersey — and shows all the phases (new, waxing, full, waning) of the moon for each month. April's full moon is the “Road-Side-Market Moon” (where we love to buy our Jersey Fresh produce). August is the “Jersey Peaches Moon” (peaches have been cultivated and enjoyed here since the 1600s). December is the “Cup of Kindness Moon” pictured in the artwork (lets try and make the world a better place).

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