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School of Fine Arts Tea Party, 1896


Now that's the way to drink tea.

[Detail from a photo of art students at the St Paul School of Fine Arts' summer classes, Mendota, Minn. Pictured in some or all of the collection are: Minnie K. Bailey, Zella Newcomb Bohm, Helen Brack, Ella Nabersbery Byard, Maud K. Clum, Verna Ayer Okerberg, Antoinette DeForest Parsons and Edith Kendrick Sanders.  (From the collection of the Smithsonian; see the full image here: St. Paul School of Fine Arts, Russian Tea Party, 1896)]

Streets of Philadelphia: Mosaic

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Dashed into a building's arched entry-way (Jacob Reed's Sons Store, 1424-26 Chestnut St., Philadelphia) to get out of the rain; looked up and found a wonderful series of Mercer Tile mosaics including this one of women doing needlework (the Peaceful Arts). All the mosaics depict crafts related to the garment industry.