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2017 New Jersey Full Moon Calendar: Love is Stronger


The 2017 version of the limited edition New Jersey Full Moon Calendar is here. Celebrate the beauty and bounty of the Garden State with this organic cotton knit tea towel that features a "sky selfie" (taken in August when the Black-Eyed Susans are in all their glory). It also has a snippet of lyrics from a Neil Young song... "there's a full moon rising, let's go dancing in the light" ...

Tapestry Bag: Unique, Modern, Handmade


My tapestry bags are made of a "sueded" fabric that resembles sueded leather, is durable, and can be washed. It has a soft nap and -- unlike sueded leather -- can be printed with vivid colors and images. The strap is nylon paracord -- strong and graphic. Shop Tapestry Bags here.