The Lure of the Scarf: Women’s March!
The music lives in the space between the earth and sky...

Between the desire to Reveal and the necessity to Conceal


Inspired by undergarments and artwork from the Rijksmuseum Rijksstudio, I designed two simple, modern slips that can be cut and sewn from a yard of fabric. They represent being at home (a wallpaper fragment and a still life) and adventure out in the world (maps and fabric samples that resemble flags).


Taking advantage of modern printing technologies and advances in textiles, the artwork is printed on a 100% polyester piqué knit fabric with a moisture-wicking, soil-release finish (56”/142 cm wide). The design is laid out with cutting lines to produce two slips from one yard of fabric — each with a pocket (to conceal money, important notes, secrets . . . ). To assemble the slips: cut the fabric on the pre-printed lines; sew the front & back sides together, sew the pocket on (side, front, back — you decide); measure your waist and cut a piece of waistband elastic slightly larger; pin the elastic to the top, stretching when needed; sew using a zigzag stitch. Fabulous enough to be worn as an outer-garment, too, if you have the desire to reveal.



Finished dimensions: 17" long, top width (before elastic) 18", bottom width 26". No need to hem as this knit fabric gives a clean edge.

Order your fabric here at Spoonflower.


"... But ‘fashion’ is no phantasy of idle minds, no random despot, but a tendency worth study, and eminently instructive, rightly understood, being, with all its blunders, as direct an outcome of the love of beauty as schools of sculpture and painting. It is the last expression of the underlying impulse, the dancing, changing waves which vibrate alternately between the desire to reveal and the necessity to conceal ..." [AN EXCERPT FROM The Art of Dress by Mrs. H. R. Haweis, London, Chatto & Windus, Piccadilly, 1879]



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