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Fabric design: Karin's flowers

Screenshot_2018-12-11 Carl Larsson’s Flowers - jerseymurmurs - Spoonflower

The Spoonflower design challenge for this week was "Scandinavian". This is a simple repeating design drawn in the Procreate app using a white "pencil" and a black background. I took inspiration from a wall hanging in a Carl Larsson watercolor. Larsson was a Swedish painter who often painted the rooms in his house and his 8 children.

Many of the interiors depicted in his paintings were the work of his wife and fellow-painter Karin Bergöö Larsson (apparently, even though they both had the same training in painting and met as students, once they were married Carl "refused" to let her paint). So, she worked as an interior designer and developed a new and modern swedish style for interiors (that lives on today in Ikea). She designed and wove many of the textiles used in her house, did embroidery, and designed clothes for herself and her children. Her textile designs and colors were new: "Pre-modern in character they introduced a new abstract style in tapestry. Her bold compositions were executed in vibrant colours; her embroidery frequently used stylised plants. In black and white linen she reinterpreted Japanese motifs." [Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition catalogue, quoted at Carl Larsson Gården] The wall-hanging that inspired me in one of his paintings was probably designed and woven by her.

The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC, identifies her as "the first designer of what would become known as Swedish Modern." According to a book about Karin by Marge Thorell "His paintings of their home made her interior designs famous." Interesting information about her here and here.

One of Karin's lovely weavings (source):


This is a painting of Karin -- notice the loom in the background -- by Carl Larsson (source: Garden Sundborn):

Karin larsson


My design in action:

Larssons flowers bw 2

Larssons flowers bw 1

Larssons flowers bw 5



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