Fabric design: large-scale black & white
2019 New Jersey Full Moon Calendar

Fabric design: sloths and the rhythm of the houndstooth


I was not pleased when I saw this week's Spoonflower design challenge -- "sloths" -- but decided I would work with it and I actually had fun and was surprised that my final design ended up being something I love -- a houndstooth pattern. You just never know.

I looked at some photos of sloths and drew one in the Procreate app.


Then I took my "bow tie black and white" design and put several screen grabs of it behind the sloth. I used Adobe Capture to quickly turn the bow ties into line art and placed the art using Photoshop's new Project Para that lets you design repeats to produce this:


When I tiled the design into a half-brick layout, I saw the rhythm of the houndstooth!



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