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2020 New Jersey Full Moon Calendar


New Jersey! We're one of a kind and now we have our own calendar!

Celebrate the beauty and bounty of the “Garden State” with the 2020 New Jersey Full Moon Calendar that features a “mod” background and a December Sing-Along Moon and the words “The sky is the daily bread of the eyes”.


This unique "tea towel" calendar combines the traditional Native American Indian “Full Moon” names (e.g., the Snow Moon, the Hunger Moon) with the unique attributes of New Jersey — and shows all the phases (new, waxing, full, waning) of the moon for each month. January's full moon is the “Liberty & Prosperity Moon” (the state slogan). April is the Jersey Jam Moon (from Camden to Atlantic City to Asbury Park and onward, NJ has a great musical tradition). June’s full moon is the “Down the Shore Moon” (‘cause that’s where we like to go when the weather turns warm). September is the “Butterbean Honey Moon” (the bee is our state insect). You get the idea.