Artful Knapsack: wear the sky on your back

IMG_0542This knapsack features a pen and chalk drawing of a cortile (an enclosed area, typically roofless and arcaded, within or attached to a building) and has this quote printed inside: “There is nowhere to go but everywhere, to just keep on rolling under the stars.” (Jack Kerouac)

Artful Knapsacks are functional and beautiful; made from durable, heavyweight polyester canvas (45% recycled content). Washable (hang to dry).

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Rijksmuseum Rijksstudio: connect in your own personal way

BK-2011-1Two men and a woman (the personification of Geometry) measuring a large globe that shows the “New World” (Rijksmuseum Rijksstudio collection; based on a lost painting by Frans Floris and digitized from stained glass)

An interesting interview with Martijn Pronk, head of Publications at the Rijksmuseum by We Are Museums:

"When creating your own work using Rijksmuseum images you connect with the collection in your own personal way.  ... the internet has made it possible for everybody to enjoy the Rijksmuseum, even if they will never visit it in real life."

I used this image on one of my Artful Knapsacks:


Artful Knapsack: Bohemé

Functional and beautiful Knapsack made from durable, heavyweight polyester canvas (45% recycled content) printed on both sides with Leo Gestel's art (black chalk, crayons, pastels, Paris, 1910; Rijksmuseum Rijksstudio artwork).

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Artful Knapsack: Of Birdsongs...

Functional & beautiful Knapsack made from durable, heavyweight polyester canvas featuring woodcut of birds on one side and an ornamental tree on the other.

“There is only one way to translate a bird-song. … Study it thoroughly in all its moods, habits, occupations, emotions, reveries; at morning, at noon, at evening, at midnight. Find out patiently from all its songs, what each one means and take that one which will stand inclusively for it salient thought-traits. This will give you the key to the translation of such traits into words. Words are only thoughts putting on their clothes.” (Bird-songs Translated Into Words by Samuel Miller Hageman, 1887)

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Artful Knapsacks

Celebrate the wonders of art, nature, technology, mythology, astronomy, cartography, and history with my distinctive knapsacks
Inspired by the graphics on the Eames Giant House of Cards (I spent many hours of my childhood absorbed in those images) and the digitized treasures of the Rijksmuseum’s Rijksstudio, I’ve designed sturdy knapsacks that are both functional and beautiful with an eye-catching graphic design on each side. Whether you are traversing the far corners of the earth or traveling around the block, carry your essentials in style and comfort.




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